Free Tips for Singing

Breathing Exercise
Lie down on your back with your knees up. Put your hand on your stomach (the area from the belly button up) and breathe in. You will feel that area move upwards. Good! Now, let's feel what happens to that same area when you sing. Close your front teeth. Put your tongue against your bottom teeth. Release the smallest amount of air making a "ts" sound. Good! Practice this until you can do it for 30 seconds.

Vocal exercise
This will help you get rid of any break in your voice. You will sing on the sound "Wa" (as in wacky)
5 notes up and down and be sure to include the notes where you usually break. Do this fairly quietly.You should find there is no break in your voice using this sound and there you have the beginnings of your "middle" voice!


Practice them every day. They will get easier and easier to do and then you will be ready for more!
Good luck and keep singing!


       Vera Haime

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